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The Misquah Recreational Group is committed to providing an enjoyable summer experience for all of our clients. Costs incurred running our programs are higher than most summer camps due to the greater ratio of staff to clients required to provide a safe and supportive environment.

Points to Ponder:

  1. The lion’s share of our revenues comes from camper fees.
  2. A number of our clients and/or their families are of limited means.

It is important that our fees stay as low as possible so that no clients miss the opportunity to participate in this summer experience. Donations and fundraising activities are essential to maintaining reasonable fees and minimizing increases to fees. We run a number of fundraising ventures each year. Check the home page regularly (or subscribe) to keep updated on how you, your family and friends can help out.


We are a registered charity (#129615118RR0001). A donation made to “Camp Misquah” or “Misquah Recreational Group” will result in a receipt that can be used for income tax purposes.

Although we are not a United Way funded agency you can designate all or a portion of your United Way donation to Camp Misquah. The United Way will issue the receipt for a single donation or it will show on your T-4 if your donation is made through a payroll deduction.

Sometimes individuals or organizations pledge to match donations or gifts. The practice of matching doubles the amount of money raised. Check with your employer or other organizations you are involved with to see if they will match your donation.

Many individuals donate a lot of time and resources to volunteer organizations within their communities. A company may recognize these efforts by making a donation to that organization in the employee’s name. Does your employer have such a program?

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A special thank you to our proud Misquah sponsors!

Ottawa Community Foundation

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Trash for Cash

An ongoing program that involves the collection of scrap metal and other items which are converted to cash at a local scrap dealer, or cashed in at The Beer Store. Since 2008 we have raised as much as $3,000 in a year.” If you have something that can help us out (see list below), please contact, or, if it is easier, cash it in yourself and send in a cheque. We will send you a tax receipt.

Collected Items:

  • Electronics (tv’s, computers and all peripherals, sound systems and speakers, cell phones, etc)
  • Pop cans and tabs
  • Beer, wine and alcohol containers
  • Copper pipe and wire
  • Batteries (lead acid: car, boat, tractor, etc.)
  • Other: If you have something else that can be converted to cash, then let us know about it.

A special thank you to our biggest “Trash” supporters:

  • Pub Italia
  • Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre
  • Familiar Faces Engraving Ltd.
  • Westboro Branch #480 Royal Canadian Legion

All of the campers and staff would like to say 'Thank you!'