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Registration for 2018 is now open!


$895 per session


Please use this link to sign up:


Please use this link to download the 2018 Subsidy Application Form.


If you have any questions please email Dan

See the calendar of events below to view the program for this summer.


Click here for a downloadable version of the events calendar.


This year, Camp Misquah has taken another step in improving our program. We now run our registration online, and provide our campers and clients with the easiest method for registration that can be completed from your computer screen in minutes. All registrations will be immediately sent to the Director who will then send out a confirmation email. It is important to note, that all instructions for payments, medical forms, deadlines and confirmation will be sent by email, so please use an email address you frequently check when registering with us

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Camp Misquah

Session dates for 2018:

  1 – Adults: July 6 – 13
  2 – Adults: July 15 – 22
  3 – Younger Adults: July 24 – 31
        Ages 18-39
  4 – Kids: August 2 – 8
        Ages 17 and under
  5 – Leisure Adults: August 10 – 17