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The Grill Bank: Food Fun and Music

The Grill BankMark your calendar and head to Ottawa’s Billings Estate Museum on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH, 2013 to be a part of the glitz and glamour of this exciting new Canadian TV series The Grill Bank in the making.

Enjoy host Chef Steph Legari’s sizzling, dazzling, tantalizing food on the grill and feel the cozy fuzziness of charitable giving as all the proceeds of this event will go directly to Camp Misquah, a camp dedicated to providing the best summer experience for mentally challenged youth and adults.

Steph is a big-hearted chef who has raised over $250,000 in charitable donations in his career and is hoping to continue his legacy of fundraising, this time for the benefit of Camp Misquah. Come be a part of this fun-filled community event and make a deposit to The Grill Bank!

The Date:        Sunday 29 September (from 11:00 – 5:00)
The Location:  Billings Estate in Ottawa
What’s Happening: Steph the Grilling Gourmet and Friends will be raising money for Camp Misquah

What’s Going On:

Steph and some chef friends will be cooking up some tasty stuff to eat, and Vendors such as the following will be offering up some more delicious things for you to enjoy:

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Camp sessions

Session dates for 2018:

  1 - Adults: July 6 - 13
  2 - Adults: July 15 - 22
  3 - Younger Adults: July 24 - 31
        Ages 18-39
  4 - Kids: August 2 - 8
        Ages 17 and under
  5 - Leisure Adults: August 10 - 17
  Fee: $895 per session
  If 1 on 1 support is required,
  can you please contact Dan Lafreniere

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